Not sure how to add a spark to your outfit? Try spicing up your outfit with a Twilly! There are many ways to style a Twilly, use it as a headscarf, belt or accessory on your handbag! Check out our recommended ways to use a Twilly below!


One of the uses of Twilly—Hair band
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One of the uses of Twilly—Headscarf
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One of the uses of Twilly—Belt
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The Origin of Head Scarves 

Morocco people used headscarf as protection tool in the past
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Men in North Africa wearing head scarf in the past
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Head Scarfs originated from regions like the Middle East, Europe and Africa where wearers want protection against the sun, rain or colder temperatures.

Head Scarves in the 20s and 30s

The trend of wearing head scarves as a fashion accessory started in the 1920s-1930s. With heavy influences from Hollywood film culture, many women would wear head scarves with unique prints to showcase their sense of style, and head scarves are also seen as a symbol of charm. Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn was always seen with a headscarf, making it a fashion statement, introducing head scarves to her young female audience.

Audrey Hepburn wearing head scarves.
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Head Scarves in the 40s

1943 Poster in the Word War.
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I’m sure that everyone is familiar with this image. In the 40s, the significance of the role of females in society started to rise. With women starting to take on the reins of society following the uprise of the industrial movement during the second World War. The poster reading “We Can Do It” is one of the iconic propaganda campaigns to highlight the roles of women during the industrial uprising in America. The headscarf worn by the women in the poster as also become a trend amongst women during the 40s.


Head Scarves in the 60s 

Starting from the 60s, headscarves started to incorporate more design elements. In the 70s, the headscarf departed from the plain color designs by incorporating Disco and Hippie elements in the designs. In the 80s, Punk and Street elements were also added into the design of the headscarf. With the change of the designs of the headscarves, the ways in which the headscarf is worn has seen a dramatic change, departing from the traditional method of wrapping it around the chin to the top of the head.

Audrey Hepburn’s marriage style in 1969
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Head Scarves Style in 70s
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Headscarf Style in 80s
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Men Headscarf Style in 80s
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The Modern Headscarf

Evolving with the change of fashion, the modern headscarf does not only have limitless designs, but also countless ways to wear it along with many types of materials ranging from: cotton, chiffon, suede, silk and much more. Lately, brands are coming up with a silk based headscarf called the twilly, which is shaped like a big strand of ribbon. A Twilly is usually styled as a headscarf, a neck scarf, a headband, a wristband and a belt. However it is also a complimentary piece tied onto handbags and other accessories.

Headscarf styling
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Headscarf styling
(Photo Source: Vogue)

Styling with a neck scarf
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Twilly as a headband


Twilly as a headband
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Twilly as a headband
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Elsa Hosk styling with a headscarf
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Twilly as a belt
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Twilly tied on a handbag


The Queen of Great Britain wearing a headscarf
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If you think the styling above is too simple. In recent years there are even more radical ways to style a scarf.


LADY GAGA using a scarf as a mask
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BEYONCÉ using a scarf as a top
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DION LEE using a scarf as an open-back top
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The Japanese-Style way to compliment tops with a scarf
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Which style did you like most and do you have a unique way of styling your scarf?


Writer: Eunice
Translator: Dylan