Are you really the extreme shopaholic that you think you are? 

  1. You have a pile of unused items lying around the house.

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  2. Daily to-do: (window) shopping

    Image Source: Thesartorialist

  3. Shopping is reallyyyyy your one and only hobby

    Image Source: Mellaris

  4. Whoops another impulsive purchase!

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  5. ‘free samples’ = ‘I-must-buy-this-right-now’

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  6. Tired of coming up with excuses for buying something AGAIN

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  7. Your email is being flooded with newsletters from shops

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  8. The feeling of having bought something satisfies you more than the item itself

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  9. 5 seconds after seeing ‘on sale’– transaction complete

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  10. You’re BFFs with the delivery man

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How many did you get right?

0-3: Beginner level shopaholic 

4-7: Anyone would say your a shopaholic 

8-10: Extreme shopaholic 

Author: Vivien Tam

Editor: Janice Ho, Vivien Tam